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printable wedding kit

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Printable Wedding Invitation Kits

Download 7 templates that take you from the first Save the Date Card to the final Thank you for the Gift Card.

The CD contains two styles of Invitations, a Save the Date card, RSVP card, Thank You card, and 2 envelope templates. In addition to these templates the delux cd also contains everything you need for your reception; 7 extras including a menu card, a placecard, a chruch program, a table tent number template, favor tag, cd cover, and a wine label.

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Free Printable Vintage Birthday Calendar, Just Download and Print !

This is a perpetual calendar that can be used year after year.

free birthday calendar

Features 12 unique vintage images.

Size 8.5" X 11"

Download Your Free Printable Calendar Kit

Part 1 (710 KB)

Part 2 (728 KB)

Calendar Images

small January small february small march small april
small may small june small july small August
small september small october small november small december

Assembling Your Calendar

Download the "Part 1" and "Part 2" files, you will need a program such as Adobe Reader to view and print each of the months.

We recommend using Matte Photo paper to print the cards, Staples sells a product, Matte Photo Supreme that works very well.

If you are hanging the calendar with string or hooks punch two holes in the top of each page, use a standard two hole punch with guide, if you are using a single hole punch make a cardboard template so the holes line up as well as possible.

Hanging Your Calendar

String Method

Stack pages in order with January on top.


Thread 12" of string or ribbon through holes as shown, string runs across back between the holes, tie ends together.


To change pages, flip page over, pull knot in string back toward you.


Pull string tight.

Dowel and Cup Hooks


Cut a 1/2" diameter hardwood dowel to about 10" long, drill pilot holes for 2 cup hooks centered at 2 3/4".

Tie a loop in a length of string, wrap string around dowel and tie so the dowel hangs level.

Put a couple drops of crazy glue on string on back of dowel and trim ends of string.

A large wooden spoon or fork may be used if calendar is hung in a kitchen or dining room.

Calendar Frame

calendar frame

Free plans to make this attractive wooden frame available at

camera patent drawing
1887 Camera Patent Drawing
Frame For Illustration Only

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Vintage Internet Patent Prints

Large 25 cm X 33 cm Prints fit in a 10" X 13" frame.

Vintage Internet Patent Prints are reproductions of the actual patent drawings printed on acid free parchment paper with a wide format inkjet printer, shipped flat in a protective envelope, larger quanities may be shipped in mailing tubes.

Each drawing is an exact copy of the original showing the inventor, patent number and year of the patent.

Downloadable Images

We are now offering downloadable .pdf images of the Entire Patent for $2.99, these Select Documents can be printed on standard 8.5 X 11 paper with your computer printer. You will need a program such as Adobe Reader to view and print the files.

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